When you need to demolish a specific section of a structure rather than the entire structure, diamond track sawing is a very useful technique to use. When a steep incline or wall prevents the use of floor saws, this is an excellent alternative solution.

Track saws are typically used to cut openings for doors, windows, and vents in concrete structures, but they can also be used to remove any size of a section from any concrete structure. Because these saws can be operated from a distance, the operator’s safety is not jeopardized. Diamond track sawing is capable of cutting to a depth of up to 750mm. Track saws are also excellent for cutting through masonry, blockwork, and other types of materials in addition to concrete.

When compared to other concrete cutting tools, such as wire sawing and stitch drilling, diamond track sawing is distinguished by its high level of accuracy and smoothness of cut. Track saws have a cutting head that is either hydraulic or electric, and it is installed on a track that is attached to the component of the structure that is being cut. During the cutting process, the head moves along the track while being propelled by either an electric or hydraulic unit. A guard protects the blade during this time. The blade of the saw can be adjusted to the desired cutting depth by lowering the saw. The fact that track saws can be controlled remotely increases both their safety and their accuracy. In addition to their adaptability, track saws come in a broad variety of types, allowing them to tackle a diverse selection of cutting tasks.

In this blog, we will go over what diamond track sawing is and cover the reasons as to why it is a preferred and chosen method used by many workers within the construction industry today.

Diamond Track Sawing: What to Know Series

Thing #1: What is Diamond Track Sawing?

Track sawing is also referred to as wall sawing in some circles. When cutting tough solid concrete with hydraulic power, wall or track sawing is a highly efficient method of doing so. This method allows us to cut long straight lines in a large concrete area, which is most commonly used for doorways, in a safe and largely effective manner.

Diamond track sawing is a technique that makes use of a blade that has a circular steel core with segments that contain synthetic diamonds. It is attached to a motorhead that is mounted on tracks, and it is used to cut diamonds. Vertical walls, steep inclines, and floors that cannot be cut with floor saws are all connected by the track system.

Diamond track sawing has a remote control and offers a quick and efficient means of producing larger openings by making as many cuts as necessary to produce apertures of practically any shape or size. This approach may be used to form openings of virtually any size or shape. Because it is also capable of cutting flush with a surface, the diamond track saw is ideally suited for use in the precise cutting of apertures for door and window openings, elevator shaft openings, ventilation/louvre openings, extension joints, and demolition lines.

Thing #2: What are the Key Features of Diamond Track Sawing?


The accuracy of diamond track sawing is unmatched, resulting in cuts with unmatched precision and smoothness. When compared to stitch drilling and wire sawing, this method is smoother. Blades with diamond tips can cut through the toughest materials, and our latest high-spec technology ensures maximum speed, efficiency, and accuracy when cutting through the toughest materials.


Diamond tack sawing enables cutting at a variety of different depths. Given the wide variety of track saw configurations available, they are also suitable for a diverse range of applications as a result.

track sawingEFFICIENCY

With the help of our machines and equipment, we can complete our operation with the least amount of dust and vibration. As a result, an efficient method of generating breaks in walls and ceilings is developed and made available.

Our highly skilled workforce, as well as our fleet of over thirty track saws, allows us to complete projects quickly and efficiently to the highest industry standards, allowing you to save both time and money in the process. Our track sawing services are also powered by an electric or hydraulic unit, making them more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly than other options.


Track sawing concrete is a very safe method of cutting concrete. The blade is protected by a guard, and our skilled operator controls the saw from a distance. Our operators are also trained to the highest safety standards and have all necessary certificates for the tasks they are responsible for.

Thing #3: What are the Types?

The construction industry utilizes specialized saws designed for specific tasks.


Diamond track sawing is a popular sawing method in today’s construction industry because it is safer and more efficient than other methods. Floor sawing is used in both small and large projects, such as cutting demolition or cabling openings in roads, bridges, pavements, and even runways. A diamond saw is the best tool for cutting floors precisely and controllably. With the variety of diamond floor saws available, most lengths, widths, and depths can be cut.


Handheld tools for jobs like sawing through bricks and concrete pipes. However, rings and chainsaws come in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit the job. Ring saw blades are rounded, making them ideal for cutting into tight spaces that other saws may struggle with. A chainsaw’s blade is oblong, with a diamond chain rotating along it to make deep cuts. Industrial chainsaws are good for cutting out doorways – through brick and concrete.


Diamond track sawing is used to cut openings in walls for doors, windows, and ducts. Also used to create separation joints before demolishing walls and cut openings where a floor saw would struggle to reach. A wall saw can make straight or bevel cuts. The machines are easily assembled and powered by electricity.


Diamond track sawing cuts concrete and masonry with a diamond-beaded wire. A diamond wire saw is ideal for removing large areas of heavily reinforced concrete in tight spaces. Because diamonds are so hard, they can cut almost any material that is softer than the diamond abrasive. They can even shave through concrete. Wire saws are ideal for cutting large reinforced concrete sections like bridge sections, jetties, columns, and beams. It is especially useful for isolating thick or awkward concrete shapes.

Thing #4: What are the Benefits of Employing Diamond Track Sawing for Concrete Drilling?


When using saws in diamond track sawing, there is no need for assumptions to be made or test cuts to be performed. You’ll have no trouble aligning the track with your marks, and you can immediately get started cutting. If you use a diamond track saw, it’s guaranteed you that you will never need to double check the cut you made.


The diamond track saw is able to make massive cuts with ease even in restricted areas. As a consequence of this, it is frequently utilised for concrete cutting work both inside and outside.


Saws utilised in diamond track sawing, in contrast to more conventional circular saws, feature a cutting edge that is completely straight and do not have a blade guard. Because of the way it is designed, there is less of a danger of the blade pinching or kicking back. It may appear like a rough-looking concrete drilling instrument, but in reality, a track saw is a diamond saw that has been elegantly constructed and is capable of producing clean and precise cuts.


The diamond blade of the track saw is encased in a shroud that also serves the dual purpose of collecting any dust that may be generated during the cutting process.


These diamond track sawing cutters feature rubber strips along the bottom that prevent the track from ever becoming unattached. During cutting operations, the stable track will save you time that you would have spent clamping, saving you both time and effort.


Track saws, in contrast to other saws, do not impose any restrictions on the user when it comes to setting the angle and degree of the cut. It is as simple as lining up the track and beginning the cutting process. You are ensured to get quality outcomes.


When it comes to diamond track sawing, professionals often find that transporting a track saw in their mobile trailers or trucks is more convenient. The fact that track saws are designed to be portable contributes to their mobility and makes it simpler for professionals who cut concrete to transport the equipment from one construction site to another.


When properly utilised, diamond track saws are capable of performing concrete cutting in a single stage. When utilising a diamond track saw, it appears like each and every cut you produce is a well-finished cut that does not require any additional effort. Consequently, if you want to prevent having to re-cut the material and achieve a perfect cut on the very first try, you might consider using a diamond track saw.


Track saws are capable of producing clean cuts in masonry, concrete, or any other material, with an entirely smooth surface left behind once cutting is complete. Diamond track sawing is the method to use if you want your cuts to be flawless and have a polished appearance like a pro did them.


Diamond track saws are effective tools for cutting concrete, and they have the potential to generate cuts that are extremely long and straight while requiring very little effort on the operator’s part.

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