Pipes and wires are not just stationed under the concrete or behind a wall, they are meticulously placed and have appropriate and designated areas to go into and these are all achieved by core drilling concrete. Hiring core drilling contractors for their expertise on core drilling services is really inexorable especially if you are in the construction industry or planning to build a large building. If all this is new to you, keep on reading and we will tell you everything.


A hollowing with a cylindrical drill that is used to make holes through a surface is what is called a core drill sometimes called a horizontal core drilling machine. The tips of the drill are usually coated with either diamond or carbide and it is made of metal. The toll is composed of a motor, handle, and drill bits.

One of the edges of core drill from other cement cutting tools is that the core drill will extract sample from the material while drilling making the work clean and free from unwanted ruble. Since the center of the drill is hallow, it can allow you to carve out a sample from the drilled material. The sample extracted will match up to the shape of the hallow walls of the drill.

With a pretzel like motion to create a whole, a core drill can penetrate different types of surfaces like cement, wood, rocks and even ice but different surfaces need different drill bit to be installed for the best results and performance. The size, power, and features of the tool can vary depending on what it will be used for. A small drill can be used for homes, but for buildings and mines, a medium-sized drills must be used. On the other hand, large drills are usually used for cutting of concrete on massive construction project.


This technology has given us huge advantages especially on construction since its development. Core drilling services has never been simple, it needs to be precise to not hit foundations and beams. To evaluate the structural integrity of an area before drilling, a ground-penetrating radar scanning also known as GPR concrete scanning is used, it is a is a non-destructive method of concrete scanning an area and this is generally done for preliminary processes. This guarantees that the drilling process can proceed safely.

From the area, a column of rock or other material is extracted using a core drill. To reduce friction, the cutter is cooled by water as it drills. As the shaft rotates, it drills into the surface removing a core of concrete or whichever material is being assessed. By the removal of the slug, the cutting process is completed, leaving a perfect hole with no cosmetic damage or requirements for after care. The resulting hole is also used for creating a space for building materials to be situated.


Core drilling services are used for a variety of purposes. The most frequent use of core drilling is to make way for new electrical conduits and cables, plumbing, reinforcement (starter bars, hold down bolts, and storage units), which may be necessary for renovations and commercial fit-outs.

Core drilling concrete and core drilling services are generally needed to create openings through existing concrete or brick structure for the following applications:

  • Plumbing in Building high-rise buildings
  • Large structures
  • Plumbing piping
  • HVAC systems
  • Electrical conduits
  • Routing cables
  • Commercial fit-outs
  • Vertical concrete drilling
  • Bollard installation


A concrete coring drill uses a diamond cutting edge attached to the end of a steel tube. To reduce fiction as the drill operates by cutting through concrete, it is concurrently cooled by water. To account for tighter and more sensitive areas, core drilling concrete drill rigs come in different forms, such as electric and hydraulic, and in different sizes as well.



If core drilling services are not done correctly, it can be serious safety issue. It may cut in existing structures can have damaging effects on the buildings overall structural integrity, without expert and professional knowledge.

Here at Advance Cutting, we ensure all cuts are done in a safe and effective manner to maintain structural integrity.


Accuracy remains the most important factor in preventing future flaws and reworks which can cause more when it comes to discussing the architectural elements of a structure and core drilling services. Simple imprecisions in holes and openings can result into much bigger problems. Here at Advance Cutting, we use high-quality equipment and techniques to accomplish every task with absolute precision.

core drilling concrete


When it comes to renovating or tampering with buildings, especially rewiring and plumbing, it is best to go with the safest and cost-effective solution which core drilling. Drilling is noisy and dusty; it needs to be done precisely and safely not only for the people around but for the staff and employees as well. Here at Advance Cutting, we provide cost-effective core drilling services that does not only guarantee professional and top-quality work but safe as well.


We are considered as one of the top concrete core drilling companies in the country. We are manned with skilled and experienced concrete core drilling contractors. We make sure we provide professional and accurate services to all our clients. If you would like to learn more about the company and our services, explore our official website or contact us so we can answer all your questions better.

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