Do you know what to look for when hiring a wire cutting company with experience? If not, wait until you have read this before making that decision. Many homeowners make the error of phoning the first men they find in the local phone book or on Google’s first page.

Hiring a good wire cutting company can safely and effectively complete the task without causing any material damage, whether you’re working on a complicated construction project that calls for cutting through reinforced rebar, concrete retaining dividers, concrete-encased metal reinforcements, or steel-encased solid. When other shredders are unable to easily cut through the resistant material, wire saws can be used to divide or remove sizeable chunks of reinforced concrete due to the diamond cutting edge on their blade. In addition, wire saws can be modified to operate on complex constructions, including iron engine blocks and metal nuclear reactors.

A reliable option to relocate and install utilities can be provided by a qualified wire cutting company. Wire cutting services professionals have a wide selection of saws to best suit your construction project demands, whether they be for slabs, walls, or ceilings. The professionals may cut apertures in concrete constructions with any specified depth and diameter using saws. Floor sawing, track sawing, wire sawing, deep sawing, diamond ring & chain sawing, diamond drilling, diamond cutting, hydraulic bursting, and floor preparation are some of the most popular services provided by these qualified concrete cutting businesses. Given how difficult it is to break concrete, cutting and drilling it will require a certain set of skills, knowledge, and equipment. Professional wire cutting company also have everything!


1. Permit/ License

Verify whether the wire cutting company you intend to hire possesses a current operating license. Additionally, it is essential that they establish a local office. After all, simply having a website does not qualify someone as a trustworthy wire cutting services provider.

2. Liability and Additional Insurance

Verify the wire cutting company‘s insurance coverage before hiring them. Request a copy of their workers’ compensation and liability insurance policies. By examining these legal records, you can decide if they are a reliable and honest business. Remember that cutting and destroying concrete is a challenging task. The project calls for the employment of large machinery that is powered by a strong supply. In the event that something goes wrong while the job is being done, you won’t want to assume any risk or liability on your own. Therefore, performing your research well will give you piece of mind in the near future. It’s a bad idea to partner with a company that might not provide you with these crucial documents.

3. Experience

Make the wire cutting company you are hiring are more knowledgeable and trustworthy for the work the more experience they have. Do you know how long they have been cutting concrete? Which technology do they employ? Are the most modern concrete cutting tools being used? Do they provide full-service concrete cutting, including site inspection, cutting, and waste management? Do they provide other wire cutting services? You may choose the greatest concrete cutting specialist in the area with the help of the answers to these questions.

4. Safety

As was already said, there is a chance that projects involving core drilling services and cutting concrete could endanger both workers and visitors to the working site. Therefore, it is essential to carry out job in the most exact and secure way possible. Make sure the concrete cutting business you employ is committed to ensuring the highest level of safety throughout the process.

5. Referrals & Recommendations

Seek out references and referrals from others who recently used expert wire cutting company for construction projects. This can help you find a reliable concrete cutting company. You can also choose 4-5 businesses to shortlist based on your online research and request information about their previous clients and/or projects.


Fewer congested construction sites.

This process generates substantially less airborne dust than conventional saws since water must run across the wire saw in order to prevent concrete dust from stacking up and damaging the equipment. Reduced dust not only makes cleanup simpler, but it also keeps workers from inhaling concrete dust from the construction site.

Quieter work.

Compared to other types of construction machinery, wire saws are substantially quieter and cause very little vibration. It is the suggested cutting solution for residential constructions and evening operations due to its low noise production.

Easy access.

Since they cut wire rather than metal, wire saws need less space to operate than ring saws. They are also a great option for construction projects that call for access to hard-to-reach regions or that take place in harsh conditions, including beneath water, because they are not manually propelled.

Deeper cuts.

Circular saws, diamond saws, and traditional cut-off tools can only do a certain set of tasks. Wire cutting services may essentially cut to any depth when cutting concrete.

Precise chopping.

Because wires are smaller and more flexible than ring saws, they will produce more precise concrete cuts than ring saws. Additionally, because the wire is guided through pre-cut drill apertures, the final cuts are always the right size and location.

Wire sawing does not require the employment of manual operators; thus the machine can run continuously at its normal speed. As a result, construction projects are able to finish on schedule.

Safety has increased.

The chance of an accident is decreased and everyone at the construction site is kept safe since wire saws can be controlled remotely.


Customers in NSW have received wire cutting services from Advance Cutting. For massive, challenging-to-reach concrete portions, our Sydney wire cutting firm excels in metal sawing operations. Simply cutting and extracting structures and items composed of metal constitutes this.

In addition to wire cutting, Advance Cutting focuses on floor sawing and diamond track sawing as other concrete cutting techniques. Call us right away to chat with our vibrant team of professionals about Sydney wire cutting. They will support you right up until the end of the project.

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